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Payprint, conforming to the laws in force, warrants its products for 12 months.

To use the Warranty and the maintenance service on products, the customer must fulfil the following requirements:1.

  1. The product must be sent for repair to Payprint S.r.l. Modena freight prepaid and with the original packing. Warranty is not due for damages caused during the shipping or for damages caused by shipment in non original packing.

  2. The returned product should carry the original matriculation number, under penalty of loss of warranty claims. The matriculation number should be present on the packing list attached to the returned material.

  3. The warranty covers only the reparation or the free replacement of those components which come out to be defective from the beginning and does not cover the replacement of the machine.

  4. Payprint S.r.l. warrants the product only towards the original buyer and will not accept returns from companies other than the original buyer.

  5. The execution of one or more warranty claims does not modify the original expiration date of the warranty.

  6. The warranty does not cover those components that for normal wear caused by operation need to be replaced at regular intervals, i.e. the needles of a print head, the print, magnetic or optical head, the cutter, etc...

  7. The warranty does not extend to machines and to single components that result to be damaged or defective by:

    • Wrong power supply, wrong or improper installation and / or use of the product (negligent use).

    • Replacement and/or installation of components or accessories not conform to the specifications of the product or carried out by unauthorized personnel (tampering).

    • Acts of God and fraudulent or culpable actions of every kind.

    • Breakage caused by a use or a testing not conform to the specifications of the product.
      Accordingly, the warranty is not applicable in the event that the buyer is not able to prove that he has correctly used, maintained and preserved the products and that he has not modified or repaired them without the seller’s approval.

  8. The warranty provided under the above mentioned conditions absorbs and replaces all legal guarantees due to defects and conformity and excludes every other possible liability of Payprint S.r.l. arising from the delivered products; in particular, the buyer won’t have the right to advance other claims for damages, price reduction or cancellation of the contract. After the warranty expiration, no claim can be advanced towards Payprint S.r.l.

  9. The customer should attach to the warranty claim a detailed description of the defect encountered on the product.

  10. The machine will be returned carriage unpaid and only to the original buyer.

  11. However, Payprint S.r.l reserves the right, in case of a warranty claim, to declare by writing the cancellation of the sale contract, offering to return the price against the giving back of the delivered products. In this case, Payprint S.r.l will be released from providing other services and, in any case, from any other liability.