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SEIKO - LTP2000 - meccanismo di stampa termico

SEIKO - LTP2000 Series

Compact and versatile model with excellent performances, high speed and high resolution.

Printing mechanisms LTP2000 series offer excellent performances and guarantee versatile thermal print with high graphic resolution, mantaining at the same time the advantages of a very compact design. Available in different models capable of printing on paper as wide as 122 mm, these models offer good performances in a wide range of applications which include measuring instruments, medical equipment, information points, codebars prints, labels and receipts. The printing high speed and quality, together with the availability of an automatic cutter with an approximate life-span of 300.000 cuts, make themideal for a wide range of applications. The possibility of choice of the processor and of the communication interfaces, makes these printing mechanism versatile and flexible, able to respond to the mechanical and electrical needs of a wide range of installations.


Printing mechanisms LTP2000

  • Printing method: thermal linear
  • Reliability: 100 million strokes
  • Printing resolution: 8 dots/mm
  • Paper width: 60 mm (mod. LTP2242); 80 mm (mod. LTP2342); 112 mm (mod. LTP2442)
  • Printing area: 54 mm (mod. LTP2242); 72 mm (mod. LTP2342); 104 mm (mod. LTP2442)
  • Paper path type: linear and curved
  • Interfaces: parallel 8 bit (Centronics modified) and serial (TTL)
  • Head temperature sensoe: termistore
  • Power supply: Vdd: 4.75V to 5.25V; Vp: 21.6V to 26.4V
  • Printing speed: 90 mm/s (mod. LTP2242); 75 mm/s (mod. LTP2342; LTP2342);
  • Dimensions: 85.2 X 61.4 X 27.0 (mod. LTP2242); 106.4 X 61.4 X 27.0 (mod. LTP2342); 138.2 X 61.4 X 27.0 (mod. LTP2442)
  • Weigh: 115 g. (mod. LTP2242); 135 g. (mod. LTP2342); 160 g. (mod. LTP2442)
  • Available models: LTP2242; LTP2342; LTP2442



  • Medical Equipment
  • ECR
  • Sticker labels
  • Kiosk
  • Point Of Sales
  • Measurement equipments
  • Ticket printer